Shipping Time & Countries

We need a maximum 48h to process your order and make them ready for sending. We can ship to over 200 countries but shipping times may vary.

US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France : 2-10 days after shipping
Canada, Ireland, Italy, Australia, India…: 5-30 days after shipping

RB Jerseys offers Credit Card and Debit Card payment now via Stripe. We accept VISA , MasterCard , America Express, Apple Pay… All payments ar reprocessed by 3rd parties like Stripe and PayPal.
Your payment info is not visible to us, to protect you privacy. If a refund needs to be done it will always be done the same way as you have paid for your items.

If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase, you will be assisted as far as possible under the following conditions;
1) You contact our RB JERSEYS to explain the reason for return.
2) A solution will be given to you within 48h of receipt and may include one of the following;
A full refund of the shirt providing the reason for return is deemed genuine and the purchase is returned and signed upon receipt. The return postage will be paid in full by the sender unless agreed otherwise by RB JERSEYS.
• A partial refund of the shirt(s) ordered providing the reason for refund is deemed genuine by RB JERSEYS.
• Import duties charged to RB JERSEYS after a returned order will not be accepted and must be paid by the customer, unless agree otherwise. ALL returned packages must be sent as GIFT of a low value.

Note that the shipping costs of the products will NEVER be refunded unless stated otherwise by RB JERSEYS.

Shirts cannot be refunded after the tags have been removed (if applicable).

RB JERSEYS is not responsible for peeling numbers after the tags have been removed (if applicable).
++Please note RB JERSEYS will not be held responsible for player number changes, sponsor changes and also font style change for new shirts.


RB JERSEYS aims to sell only originals from back in the days.
If you see as mistake or you have doubts about the authenticity of some of our shirts, please do contact us.